The Best Dental Treats For Dogs

Yummy Combs Yummy Combs are a new generation of dental treats for dogs. They contain patented ingredients that help your dog maintain optimal dental health. These ingredients include glucosamine and chondroitin, which are important for joint health. They also contain turmeric and salmon oil, which help reduce inflammation. These dental treats can be purchased at […]


Yummy Combs

Yummy Combs are a new generation of dental treats for dogs. They contain patented ingredients that help your dog maintain optimal dental health. These ingredients include glucosamine and chondroitin, which are important for joint health. They also contain turmeric and salmon oil, which help reduce inflammation. These dental treats can be purchased at pet stores and online.

These dental chews are backed by scientific research and are tested by the Veterinary Oral Health Council, VOHC. These trials measure the reduction of plaque and tartar. The VOHC seal of acceptance is based on data from scientifically-conducted trials and must meet pre-set statistical criteria. This seal demonstrates that a dental treat contains a proven formula that reduces plaque and tartar.

Dental chews are another important part of your dog’s oral care. Some dental chews are shaped like toothbrushes, which helps remove tartar and bacteria. They also have enzymes that help break down plaque. In addition to having a toothbrushing texture, these dental chews are a great way to keep your dog’s breath fresh. Many of them also contain calcium, which helps keep your dog’s teeth healthy.

In addition to dental chews, there are also dental toys for dogs. These chews come in different shapes and flavors, and you can buy them at pet stores or online. If you’re not sure which one to choose, ask your veterinarian for recommendations. You can also look for products with a veterinary oral health council seal.


Dentastix is one of the most popular dog dental treats in the world. It is rawhide-free and recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council. Its flexible texture and X-shape helps reduce plaque and tartar buildup. It is also available in several flavors that are sure to please your dog. Plus, the treats are priced reasonably.

These chews can help reduce tartar buildup in your dog’s mouth by up to 80%. They also clean hard-to-reach teeth and support gum health. They are made by Pedigree with the help of veterinarians and are formulated to be low in fat and contain no artificial colours or flavours.

Dentastix are available in small and medium size. They are chicken flavored and have a chewy texture. They contain delmopinol, a compound that helps break up plaque and prevents tartar. They are also made of a natural vegetable source like corn.

The patented X-shape of Dentastix helps to break down plaque and tartar in dogs’ mouth. They should be used in conjunction with regular vet visits. As a bonus, they are low in fat and sugar. As a result, Dentastix is a great dental treat for dogs.

Dentastix are a great value for money. Depending on the size, a box of four Dentastix can cost as little as $1. A pack of six Dentastix chews is cheaper than a box of Greenies or Lily’s Kitchen. Plus, they’re high in vitamins.

Tropiclean Fresh Breath

The dental treats offered by TropiClean Fresh Breath help promote a healthy mouth for dogs. Dental sticks help in the prevention of gum disease in dogs, while the fresh breath dental sticks help your dog’s breath. Aside from the dental sticks, TropiClean Fresh Breath also offers a range of dental care solutions for dogs.

These dental sticks are easy-to-digest and are grain and gluten-free. They have a chewy texture, which helps in the removal of plaque and tartar. These dental sticks are safe for daily use as long as they are given as directed. Several natural ingredients, including Hemp Seed Powder, Kelp, and Peppermint Oil, are included in these dental treats.

In addition to the dental treats, TropiClean Fresh Breath offers an oral care solution for dogs and cats. This gel helps remove tartar and plaque while helping your pet maintain a healthy mouth. Using this gel and the dental chews together will help provide the best results for your pet’s oral health.

The dental treats for dogs and cats are veterinarian-recommended and safe. The formula used in TropiClean Fresh Breath dental products kills germs that can lead to periodontal disease and soothes sore gums.


Veterinary professionals recommend OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews for dogs to help fight plaque and calculus and fight bad breath. The chews contain delmopinol, a substance that is known to break up plaque. It works by using the dog’s chewing action to help loosen and remove plaque.

The chews are made for puppies and older dogs. They are best kept out of reach of children, and should be stored in their wrapper until used. OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews for dogs are designed to help maintain your dog’s oral health after dental cleaning.

The chews contain delmopinol, a natural compound that helps fight plaque and tartar. This substance forms a barrier in the mouth and prevents bacteria from attaching. In addition, delmopinol is easily digested and helps reduce odor and bad breath. These chews are great as part of your dog’s at-home dental routine and are available in small and medium sizes.

These chews are recommended for dogs six months and older. They can be used as part of a regular dental hygiene routine and help keep your dog’s breath fresh. They can be purchased in packs of 14 or 30 chews. They can also be purchased online. They can be found on Amazon with great reviews.

These dental chews are recommended by veterinarians and dental professionals. They help reduce plaque and tartar on dogs’ teeth and break up existing plaque. They are low in calories and are clinically proven to prevent plaque and tartar. They are one of the most popular dental chews sold in veterinary clinics. The chews contain dlmopinol, a chemical that prevents bacteria from attaching to the teeth. The chews are also easily digested, which makes them a preferred treat for dogs.

OraVet Hygiene Dental Chews

The OraVet Hygiene Dental chews are made to be chewed once a day and are designed to help keep your dog’s teeth clean. They are made from plant-based ingredients and contain delmopinol, a compound that inhibits the growth of bacteria and helps prevent the formation of plaque and calculus on your dog’s teeth. This product also helps protect your dog’s mouth against bad breath and other dental problems.

The chews come in different sizes and types to suit the needs of every dog. The smallest ones are specifically made for small dogs. Some of the larger varieties are made for larger dogs. The chews contain no carbohydrates or sugar. Each pack contains 14 pieces.

The chews are approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC), a division of the American Veterinary Dental College. They are evaluated by dental scientists and veterinary dentists to ensure that they work for your dog’s oral health.

These chews also help to clean your dog’s teeth by reducing plaque and tartar, and providing chewing activity. Chewing can also help freshen your dog’s breath and improve its overall health. They are made of natural ingredients and are corn, wheat and soy free.

Dental chews are not a substitute for brushing your dog’s teeth, but they can help keep their teeth cleaner in between brushings. However, you should still brush your dog’s teeth regularly, as this is the best way to keep their mouths healthy.


VetIQ dental treats for dogs offer triple-action formulas to clean your dog’s teeth and control plaque and tartar. This dog dental care food is made with all-natural ingredients that are great for the health of your pet’s teeth. The flavored treats also help freshen your pet’s breath.

The VetIQ Healthy Treats Dental Dog Treats contain mild abrasives to fight bad breath. The treat’s creamy-filled center is filled with five natural flavors that help freshen breath and maintain healthy teeth. Your pet can chew on them to keep their teeth clean and fresh without the need for brushing.

Dental chews for dogs come in a variety of flavors and pack sizes. Many of them are grain-free and low in calories. The chews feature a toothbrush-like head at one end and a bone-like shape on the other. Natural ingredients and a distinct texture scrape plaque and tartar from teeth and gums. These chews also help freshen your dog’s breath. The best dental chews also contain a special formula of glucosamine and chondroitin.

Dental chews are a healthy alternative to rawhide and can help prevent dental problems. Not only do dental chews remove tartar and freshen breath, they also massage gums and redirect destructive chewing habits. Dental chews also provide mental stimulation, which is another great benefit. Choose the dental chew that best suits your pet’s needs and preferences.

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