Local Ingredients

There are a lot of ways to incorporate more local ingredients into your menu, from using local suppliers to even growing your own fruits and vegetables, like more and more restaurants are doing today.

100% Organic

Every basket of strawberries, every bushel of apples, every beet bunch in our produce department is 100% organic.

Local Organic & Fresh

Made daily

 Bacchanal Buffet offers more than 500 items made daily, including freshly shucked East and West Coast oysters, soufflés baked to order.

30 Flavors

30 Flavours of Portugal is a family run specialty bakery and grocery store in Longford. Pop in a taste their selection of fresh baked goods, cakes, buns and bread. Teas, coffees and sandwiches also available for takeaway or sit down in store.

Made in an old kitchen


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